Food in Muzaffarnagar

Food in MuzaffarnagarJust imagine a scenario where you visit a place and you don’t find any delicious eateries. It’s a nightmare. Thanks to the Indian cuisines, every part of the country has something delicious to offer which doublefolds the attraction of the particular region. Uttar Pradesh is one such state which has many lip-smacking dishes to offer especially because of its historical connection with Awadh and its magic secrets of Nawabi Cuisines. Taking the cue every part of the state has some unique food habits which are no doubt delicious and a must savor for every traveler. 

Principal Foods of Muzaffarnagar

Muzaffarnagar is based on the western part of Uttar Pradesh. The cuisine style and food habits of the inhabitants here are pretty simple with fewer spices yet equally tasty. The majority of the population here prefers vegetarian dishes and their staple food are wheat products, pulses, rice and sabzi. Since the city is a mixture of various cultures and people of different habitat, the preference of different cuisine style and the availability of the same is a natural fact. But all those people who belong from this region only, prefer the mouth-watering dishes of the northern part of the country or to be precise the North Indian dishes. Dum Bhindi, Sultani dal, kadhi pakora, kadi chawal daal makhani and various kinds of paratha like aloo paratha, gobi paratha or even sada paratha have huge among the natives of the district.

Traditional Food in Muzaffarnagar

Few dishes which are worth a try for every traveller in this part of the country are Paneer Pasanda made with green chutney, mashed paneer and mixture of nuts, shaab deg made with turnips, mutton balls and saffron, paneer pakora, meethi roti, and chole bhature. Though some of the dishes are available in various other parts of the state or the country but it is the cooking style and difference in ingredients which makes it all taste absolutely perfect for the mood and the palate.

Since a major part of the population in Muzaffarnagar belongs to the Jat community, the Jat food habits are popular in the district. Their major food style is wheat or bajra, some seasonal vegetables and not to forget plenty of milk products like ghee, butter, curd and lassi.

Milk products are much preferred among the people of Muzaffarnagar. Almost all houses have their own milking animals and the natives prefer to have it fresh and pure. Many sweet dishes like halua , kheer, rabadi cooked by the chhach of fresh milk, ras malai, laddoo are some of the popular sweet dishes which are truly worth tasting.

Chaat Corner in Muzaffarnagar

Versatile chaats and crispy snacks are the indispensible part of Muzaffarnagar. One can never miss the mouth-watering papri chaat, aloo chaat, aloo tikis and batata puri or the myriad range of pakoras which includes paneer pakora, aloo pakora and samosas. Honestly it is the street food which actually portrays the taste of the city rather than the high end restaurants. Be it the food stalls on the railway road or the kiosk near Anand market, the delicious “peshwari  pakoras” or the home made “chole bhature” have no comparison. In sync with it for drinks one shouldn’t miss the spicy and lemony jal jeera in mud clay pots with red cloth wrapped to keep it cool and refreshing. However the major drinks available here are lassi, chaas and thandai.

Coffee Shops in Muzaffarnagar

There is nothing compared to a little chit chat a warm cup of tea or coffee. The same won’t get missed in the beautiful city of Muzaffarnagar. Though the country famous coffee shop outlets are not present in Muzaffarnagar city but one can always find the exclusive city special coffee and tea in the native famous Rajveer Coffee Corner or the Jain Coffee Corner. These shops remain open from morning eight to late night so all can enjoy the brilliant beverages at any time as one prefers.

Restaurants in Muzaffarnagar

Finding varied cuisines is never a problem in Muzaffarnagar. Thanks to the presence of various multi-cuisine restaurants in and around the district which makes every style of food easy to get and savor. There is a perfect combination of vegetarian and non vegetarian restaurants which makes it easy for the travelers to choose their preferred ones. There are south Indian specialized restaurants like Standard Bakers and Fast Food, authentic dhabas like Shere Punjabi Dhaba and Dharam Vaishno Dhaba, mughlai and biriyani restaurants like Karim Restaurant, Halim Biriyani etc, Punjabi specialized restaurants like Gurunanak Punjabi Dhaba and multi cuisine ones which includes Italian and continental dishes like Italic and Mirch Masala Restaurant. Almost all the food joints have dine in as well as home delivery options which gives the option to the customers to enjoy the food as and when preferred. For fast food one can opt for the famous fast food retail chain McDonalds or the local snacks corner Nandi Sweets and Fast food Centre.

If the preference is budget hotel then for quality and inexpensive dishes the restaurant “Food As Mood” is simply the best. It provides good food and for two the average cost would be around Rs 350.

Food is the necessity of life as well as it is one of the most entertaining aspects of good living so one prefers it to be the best. In Muzaffarnagar one need not compromise in this factor as the city provides excellent healthy food with delicious taste and unique preparations.  Travel to the city to explore its authentic cuisine and its excellent flavor.
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